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The Stars

Since I was a young girl growing up in Ukraine, my eye was always drawn to the beauty, expression, color and landscapes of the world around me. As I grew up and learned that photography was not only a passion of mine, but also represented an opportunity to capture people's most cherished moments, my mission was defined.

Before arriving in the USA with my husband and daughter, I was fortunate to develop and refine my craft at the renowned Kiev Photoschool. There, under the instruction and guidance of many top professionals throughout Europe, I was immersed in an enriching environment which served to chip away some of the rougher edges of my approach. What an incredible experience to learn from such a diverse array of talented players - all with unique styles serving to blend into a delightful concoction of creativity, passion and artistic nuance! 

 My style embraces much of the diversity from my studies and mentors of course, but the main ingredients are definitively my own. I believe that being charged with the responsibility of capturing people's most precious and cherished moments is an honor and privilege. Margin for error does not exist - at least that is how I evaluate the importance of my own events and memories. Each partnership we embark upon together is a journey of trust, emotion, spontaneity and positive expectation, and carries with it the preservation of an indelible memory.

Let's capture your life's next work of art together!

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Tel: 914-625-4186


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